Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hello, internet.

I am a fifteen year old boy who currently resides in the middle of nowhere, a residence I share with three wonderful brothers, each possessing interesting, distinct personalities that shall both fill me with joy and haunt me until the day I die, and possibly for several months afterward.

I enjoy writing, reading, sketching and drawing to the point of which I hope to do it for a living one day (Any advice or criticism on art I post in this blog is GREATLY appreciated, in all caps) listening to BECK, Frank Zappa, James Newton Howard and various other bands I cannot place right now partially due to the fact that I am currently ill.

I dislike politics (Though I constantly find myself ranting about it), twig like women, idiocy, ignorance, pretentious snobs (especially pretentious artists. Friggin' Abstractists) and many, many, many other things.

Some of you may know me as Son Number Two, (I am indifferent to being called Number Two), the son of one Christine, others may not.

In either case, I greatly appreciate you taking time out of your no doubt busy schedules to read this blog.

The following blogs will be more interesting, I swear, this was just a sort of foreword.